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Heritage Committee January 19 2017

Heritage Committee November 15, 2016 Agenda

Heritage Committee November 17 meeting Agenda

Heritage Committee February 19 meeting Agenda

The Heritage Advisory Committee is the City’s population representative in the decision process by presenting Council with recommendations on behalf of Clarence-Rockland’s residents.

Committee Mandate

  • Define the criteria to establish the value or provincial interest of a cultural heritage property under the Ontario Heritage Act;
  • Prepare, evaluate and maintain a municipal database of properties and areas that are worthy of conservation;
  • Make recommendations to Municipal Council on means to conserve areas and heritage properties, as well as find the available funding;
  • Make recommendations to Municipal Council on laws regarding heritage conservation and help prepare program policies and municipal by-laws to conserve areas and heritage properties;
  • Implement programs and activities to create awareness on issues of heritage conservation in order to engage the public to comment on heritage issues;
  • Make recommendations to Municipal Council on all questions on parts IV and V or the Ontario Heritage Act;
  • Make recommendations to Municipal Council on all other questions regarding buildings and areas that have a value or a feature in terms of cultural heritage;
  • Prepare, before January 15th of every year, an activity report of the previous year and coming activities for the new year;

Establish and maintain a database of pre-approved names by the City of Clarence-Rockland’s Municipal Council related to the City’s heritage. This database will be available for consultation when designating streets, parks and sights.

Committee Structure

  • 5 to 9 members from the public
  • 1 employee of the Infrastructure and Planning Department
  • 1 Council Member responsible for the Planning Department

Committee Members

Gilles Chartrand; Chairperson, from Rockland
Louis Aubry from Rockland
Michel Jubinville from Clarence-Creek
Lise Guindon from St-Pascal-Baylon
Ghyslain Hotte from Rockland
Councillor Jean-Marc Lalonde from Rockland
City representative: Marie-Eve Bélanger - Manager of Development