Community Services


To ensure the development of our population with particular attention to the quality of life of our residents, to increase the diversity of our services, to contribute to the promotion of agro-tourism and recreation and to promote community development. We will achieve this through open communication and active partnership with all members of our community, while maintaining our bilingual character.


The Community Services mission is to make available a wide range of services that are of high quality, flexible and accessible to families and community groups. The Community Services include all services that concerns the population and the community at large, both in terms of recreation, culture, licensed child care services (family services) and community development.

Recreation Department

The Recreation Department's mission is to work with the public and community groups to make available a full range of cultural and leisure activities to improve the quality of life for all residents and encourage the emergence of a harmonious environment.


  • Provide citizens with a fair and equitable access to recreation services.
  • Provide a variety of programs according to the age and interests of the citizens.
  • Adopt a management approach characterized by the development of partnerships, support volunteers and their organizations.
  • Promote a sense of community by being involved in the coordination and operations of special events and community projects.
  • Provide recreational facilities and parks maintained to ensure the safety of citizens while respecting budgetary constraints.
  • Ensure that standards of maintenance facilities are maintained to meet municipal and governmental requirements.
  • Ensure to establish measures to encourage the maintenance of operational and environmental savings.
  • Ensure to maximize the use of leisure facilities.
  • Work with other municipal services, government agencies, social agencies, boards and volunteers.
  • Provide a training program for employees to continually improve their organizational and leadership skills.
  • Review and see to the execution of the Master Plan and taking into account the financial capacity of the municipality.
  • To be in constant search of financial sources such as grants, corporate donations and fundraising.
  • Maintain financial objectives as approved by the municipal council.
  • Maintain an inventory of recreational information to provide assistance and information to customers.
  • Work with sports and cultural associations, social clubs, local schools to develop programs of activities.
  • Promote a healthy understanding with various clubs, groups and responsible partners of sporting and cultural activities.
  • Provide professional support to various associations and social groups.
  • Act as a resource to the community for the development of self-sufficient activity programs.
  • Be informed of new trends in physical and cultural activity.