Construction permit

Planning your work is protecting your investments!

If you are planning any construction work, please find out if a permit is required before you start.

When is a building permit required?

A Building Permit is required for the following works:

  • any new construction, including residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings;
  • additions such as a carport, garage, room or another story to an existing building;
  • addition of structural features such as a balcony, canopy or dormer or enclosing a porch;
  • excavation for the construction of a new or full basement under an existing building;
  • construction of any accessory building or structure with a gross floor area of 108 square feet or more, such as a garage or an accessory building;
  • installation or replacement of doors or windows when structural modifications are required;
  • renovations, repairs or structural changes such as removing a load bearing partition or wall;
  • installation of a wood stove, furnace, fireplace or chimney;
  • finishing of a basement;
  • installation of a structural sign or tower;
  • change of use of a building (example: from residential to commercial);
  • installation of a new roof (except for the replacement of shingles)
  • a retaining wall over 1 meter in height
  • installation or modification to a plumbing system.
  • Installation of solar panel on building.


Click on the links below to access the following  application forms:

 Guide for adding a second unit in your existing house (Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing)