How can residents access the TD Fund?

The TD Fund is a private fundraising initiative.  It is not sanctioned by the City or TD Bank.  The TD Bank is facilitating this private initiative.  


How will we access the Red Cross Fund? 

In order to be considered for eligibility to access recovery support from the Red Cross, people impacted by the floods need to register by filling out the registration form at the Red Cross area at the Clarence Creek Arena and at the Treatment and Information Centre in the TSC parking lot.


When can we access it?


The Red Cross is working with Clarence-Rockland to reach people affected by the floods during this emergency and is developing plans based on the most urgent needs in the community. We cannot give a date at this point, but recovery planning is currently underway.


Who do we contact? 


Please contact the Red Cross representatives that are at the Clarence Creek Arena and in the TSC parking lot to register.


Are there eligibility requirements? 


This has not been determined yet.


Are there caps on each dwelling?


All Red Cross assistance is provided based on need. Red Cross will be working with the Clarence-Rockland on the next steps in recovery. Red Cross encourages all people impacted by the floods to register with them at  the Clarence Creek Arena and at the Treatment and Information Centre in the TSC parking lot.

How much does Red Cross keeps in administrative fees?

The Canadian Red Cross spends 5% or less to fundraise for people affected by a disaster. This means that when we raise funds for an emergency, 95 cents of every dollar will always be put towards the affected region and the impacted people, families and communities. The remaining 5 cents are spent on essential functions such as processing donations and issuing receipts, staffing call centres, and reporting and communicating with the public about the latest news regarding a disaster and what is needed.

Combien est-ce que la Croix Rouge garde en frais administratif?

La Croix Rouge Canadienne dépense 5% ou moins pour effecter ses levée de fonds pour les victimes de désastres. Cela veut dire que lorsque nous effectuons des levées de fonds, 95 cents pour chaque dollars est toujours dépensé dans la région sinistrée et auprès de ses gens, familles et communautés. Le 5 cents restant est dépensé pour des fonctions nécessaires telles que traiter les dons et émettre les reçus, embaucher le personnel des centres d'appels ainsi que communiquer avec le public pour donner les dernières nouvelles concernant un désastre et les besoins.