Financial assistance

Does the City provide any financial assistance to evacuees?

 The City has asked the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to initiate the Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians Program for the City of Clarence- Rockland. This will provide financial assistance to residents who are affected.

Will the City compensate me for flood damage?

In some cases, flooding damage can be covered by insurance. You should always contact your insurance company first.  The Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians Program helps victims of natural disasters get back on their feet. It offers financial assistance to help cover emergency expenses and costs to repair or replace essential property. For more information:

How do I make an insurance claim for flooding?
a)            Phone your insurance agent and report the damage.

b)            Ask your agent if you should take a sample of the flood water (and if your insurance covers
                the cost of analyzing the sample).

c)            Photograph the damage

d)            Clean-up and repair the flooded property. Keep your receipts from this work.

e)            Keep a record of any property you dispose of for health or safety reasons.

f)            Also visit the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s website at

What if I do not have insurance coverage?
When insurance coverage is not an option:
a)            Begin clean up immediately
b)            Keep a log of all the hours you spend working on clean-up
c)            Keep all receipts
d)            Take pictures of all damage
e)            If carpet is damaged, keep a small sample about 30 X 30 cm (12 X 12 inches)

How do I ensure my damaged property and items are catalogued?
Take photos of all the damaged items for insurance and recover records. Keep all receipts for all
purchases and rentals required for the recovery and restoration.

Can I get a rebate on my taxes through devaluation of my home while I renovate/rebuild?
The City will be communicating with the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)
concerning the assessment of the affected properties and will follow up with affected residents.

Will the city assist us in getting more money back from the Government?
The amounts payable under the Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians Program DRAO are the
responsibility of the Province of Ontario.  The Mayor has contacted the Premier of Ontario,
Ministers and the local MP concerning the financial limits of compensation.

Am I still required to make property tax payments to the City?

The City has implemented a program to defer until December 31, 2017 all penalties and interest on municipal services for those properties that have been affected.