Joint Statement Regarding Clarence-Rockland YMCA-YWCA

Since 2008, the YMCA-YWCA of the National Capital Region and the City of Clarence-Rockland have 
been partners in providing the residents of the community with services and programs that assist 
them in leading active and healthier lives. Thanks to this partnership, the Clarence-Rockland 
YMCA-YWCA is able to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of over twelve thousand 
people annually and has become truly integrated in the fabric of this vibrant community. 
This partnership has just celebrated its first 5 years of operation. With that foundation of learning 
in place, and as a matter of course, the partners will be negotiating the terms of a new agreement. 
During this negotiation process, there will be no disruption or changes to programs and services 
offered. However, in the event that an agreement is not reached, in 2015 the Y would hand over all 
operational responsibilities of the facility to the City. 
Together, the City and the Y have brought vital facilities, programs and services to a community that 
may not otherwise have such opportunities. By working together, this partnership supports an 
inclusive community gathering space where personal growth is achieved, children are nurtured and 
families stay healthy. 
It is this common ground that inspires both the City and the Y to work towards reaching a 
successful and positive outcome. 
For more information, please contact: 
Andrea Bailey 
Acting Director, Marketing and Communications 
613.237.1320 Ext. 5045 
Thérèse Lefaivre 
Director of Community Services 
City of Clarence-Rockland 
613-446-6022 Ext. 2226